Tell Me About Your Character

Ever see those signs at the local gaming store that say “Don’t Tell Me About Your Character”?  There are lots of variations, with varying degrees of snarkiness. I understand the desire to protect store employees from endless one-sided conversations about how many green skins your character can exterminate in a single blow.  However, I do not need such protection. (Although the green skins do.  Poor little guys.) I routinely spend absurd lengths of time talking gaming with friends after spending the day gaming with those very friends, and I am not opposed to listening you either.

After re-reading my last rant, it occurred to me that I don’t have enough feedback from Luchador: Way of the Mask players. So write to me about the characters in your campaign.  I don’t really want to know how many black-masked minions they stomped into submission, but I would like to hear highlights from their careers.  Tell me their favorite move, best lines, and coolest costumes.  Keep it clean, as we might post some of this stuff.


Masked Men of Mexico Delayed!


For the first time since the release of our Luchador: Way of the Mask line, Spartacus Publishing will be going to Indy without a new book in the series!  Do not despair.  Even without the new book there will be plenty of Luchador action for attendees.  The new Chasing Chupacabras adventure debuts, as well as the return of The Phantom of the Folding Chair Factory, and They Stole Grandma’s Brain.  We also have special guest GM Chris Oliver joining the demo team to add to the excitement.

Why the delay?  We could blame it on our writer’s terrible wargaming addiction, or his general procrastination.  We could point to the time and effort directed into developing Nearspace which is rapidly approaching production (and is awesome).  We could say all of these things, and they would all be true but they wouldn’t be the whole truth.

Those of you who follow our Kickstarter projects may have read that Disciples of the North was the last book detailed in the original pitch for the game.  That is one of the reasons it got extra-sized.  With its completion we have covered and then recovered the rules for the game, added in the new stuff we wanted, and offered up a series of bizarre adventures that are unlikely to be confused with any other game.  The next step, if a next step was to be taken, required a return to Mexico and a book that focused less on rules revision and more on background.  In short, it needed to be a sourcebook!

Don’t get me wrong.  I love sourcebooks.  The problem with sourcebooks is they detail a world that does not include your characters.  Your PCs are the stars of your campaign.  They discover the strangeness that lurks in the darkness, and they thwart the schemes of villains who curse their names.  I don’t know who your characters are, so I can’t make the villains I create curse them.  This is a problem with any game world, but in the Luchiverse your characters’ adventures define what is out there.  The strangeness remains hidden until encountered and usually vanishes after the adventure.  If I write a sourcebook detailing the secret Vampire Wrestling League I have to do it in a way that encourages the GM to introduce it through the PCs in the campaign.  It can’t just be another league that the PCs know about and aspire to claim the VWL tag team titles someday.  As such, each entry has to be an adventure seed, and it is taking far longer than I had initially hoped.

Rest assured that Masked Men of Mexico is coming and it will be awesome.