After a bad Hack we are back!

This is just a test run to see if things are working again. We had to do a lot of housecleaning but I think all the cobwebs have chased out.

Gabe and Casey are headed to Stonemeier Games Design Day this Saturday to try out some of their new designs.

They are also getting ready to relaunch the Nearspace Kickstarter. If you would like to check out the preview here you go:

It should launch in the next week if you have any advice or input we would love to hear it.

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SPARTACUS PUBLISHING The Creative Team Gabe Ivan, Designer and Writer Thom Thurman, Art Director Casey Clark, Designer and Editor The conspiracy that would become Spartacus Publishing began in a high school study hall in Columbia, MO. There the three core members engaged in lengthy discourse about gaming, comic books, sci-fi series, and pro wrestling. Somewhere between reviews and recaps of existing works, the trio started proposing ideas of their own. RPG campaigns were planned. Game rules were designed and redesigned. At least half a dozen comic book ideas were pitched. Precious little studying was done, but a good time was had by all. Years later, the trio reunited under the Death's Edge Games banner to produce their first game. Other works followed for DEG, Black Cross, Guildhouse Games, and Spartacus Publishing.

One thought on “After a bad Hack we are back!

  1. Well after some discussion and consultation we have decided to push back the relaunch of Nearpsace until after the first of the year. Be ready!

    The Preview site is up and running and we will continue to update and improve what we can.


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