Near Space: Races, Advanced

This page will be a repository for the different races that will be introduced into the game as we progress. We start with the T’mml.

The T’mml are classic grey aliens.  Though there are ethnic differences based on height and body proportions all T’mml see themselves as a single species. They are a race of explorers and scientists who have scattered through out space. Using Celestial Resources allows the T’mml to thrive in vast emptiness of deep space. They are self-reliant, but eager to encourage others to reach the stars. However, The T’mml are enthusiastically intolerant of aggressive or destructive behavior. Whether benevolent or malicious their interactions with other races are typically enigmatic at best.
The also enjoy a variety of cultural traditions diverging primarily along scientific methods. These traditions are also expressed in the individual’s clothing, or lack thereof, and their ship’s external designs. All T’mml use what can best be described as flying saucers of various size. The hull and other accessories differentiate clans, study groups, or other cultural traditions. Commonly ships will have a silver unbroken skin with no visible markings, portals, or weapons. Other ships will sport a cascade of lights running the circumference of the ships. Occasionally, T’mml will build ships with large instruments and other devices disrupting the smooth lines of their ships, but they will always retain the classic circular saucer shape.
T’mml are one of the oldest space-faring races in existence and have always sought to improve their technology. As such their technology always outstrips younger races. More advanced, bigger, and better technology has allowed them to continue their conquest of the stars. Like their ships, equipment is usually simple in appearances powered by unexplainable science.

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