Interested in GMing at GenCon?

Going to GenCon?

Interested in free admission?

We Have been contacted by Gen Con and informed that Luchador: Way of the Mask is one of their High Demand Games. Since we are a small company we are seeking volunteers. Gamers who are willing and able to embrace the GMing duties of the high adventure and over the top action of Luchador:Way of the Mask.

Whether one session or many we are looking for help.

Spartacus Publishing will pick up your 4-day badge in return for 8-hours worth of game time scheduled. Gaming duties will fall between 8 am and 6 pm on each day. Include your availability when submitting. We will also include a Luchador Tee and possibly other swag for our GMs.
Spartacus Publishing must submit your games to count towards the free badge.
You are still welcome to submit games via your favorite game group or other game companies, but we will only pick up badge reimburse for our submitted games.

If you are interested send in your name and contact information to

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