Near Space: Sector Types, Basic

Sector cards are the bread and butter of your deck in NEARSPACE. They represent the planets, cosmic features, or waypoints your gravitonic engines can access. Sector cards generate Construction Points, the basic resource of the game, when you have Presence at them. You are required to have a minimum of 12 sector cards in your deck.

Homeworld: Every player has one Homeworld. The Homeworld identifies the race of the player and any special abilities. The Homeworld is also the sector where new ships are built and enter the game. You are never required to have Presence at your Homeworld, but your opponent can always make a play to conquer it.

Space: These sectors are accessible to the stellar engines but rarely contain anything. Most do not have usable resources and are merely waypoints on other journeys. The lack of anything of note does not mean a lack of basic building blocks and space sectors are often prime candidates for terraforming, being replaced for half the normal Construction Points. In Deck building Space sectors are often vital as they represent cards that have a zero, sometimes negative, value allowing the inclusion of more important areas of space.

Colony World: One of the most common types of sectors. Often contain areas teeming with habitable planets and valuable resources. After the Homeworld the Colony Worlds generate most of your CP. Some have Advantages that can bolster ships with Presence or give free resources to the empire.

Gas Giant: A world composed of a variety of gases and toxic substances. They are not habitable but can be quite beneficial to a race that exploits them. Engine Dice can often be fickle but while your empire has Presence at a Gas Giant you generate additional E to be used through out your fleet.

Star Base: A Star Base does not generate a good deal of resources, but they allow ships to be built and brought directly into play in that sector. Strategically discovered, or terraformed into place, the Star Base is often the backdrop to dramatic fights as the threat they represent cannot be ignored.

Asteroid Field: Malformed planets, system debris, or dreadnought target practice are all causes of Asteroid Fields. Unfortunately larger ships cannot maneuver through the chaotic mass. Ships with more than 9 facets have to face a Threat of 4 as they move through, or find themselves stranded in, an Asteroid Field.

Mine Field: Warriors long past, or those who are well prepared, have often laid immense Mine Fields. These explosive seas of death are drawn to ships where the end is often inevitable. Fortunately larger ships are able to dispose of most of the mines and absorb the damage of the few that get through. Ships with fewer than 7 facets have to face threat of 3 as they encounter these sectors.

Stronghold: Your empire is not alone in space. Strongholds represent areas claimed by small forces; rebels, pirates, religious fanatics, whatever. Though Strongholds can be pacified by an empire with enough Presence, they represent a Threat to any ship entering their sphere of control. The d# Threat of a Stronghold must be faced by ships entering the sector, including enemy ships on the attack!

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