Luchador on RPGNOW

Spartacus will begin listing our Luchador line of books on RPGNOW.

We will list the first three titles over the next few months and Disciples of the North the first of August. Moving forward I plan on releasing the e-book version of the hard copy one-year after the intial release. We might wind up changing this in the future but taking this step was itself pretty significant. Let us know what you think and any changes we should make going forward.

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SPARTACUS PUBLISHING The Creative Team Gabe Ivan, Designer and Writer Thom Thurman, Art Director Casey Clark, Designer and Editor The conspiracy that would become Spartacus Publishing began in a high school study hall in Columbia, MO. There the three core members engaged in lengthy discourse about gaming, comic books, sci-fi series, and pro wrestling. Somewhere between reviews and recaps of existing works, the trio started proposing ideas of their own. RPG campaigns were planned. Game rules were designed and redesigned. At least half a dozen comic book ideas were pitched. Precious little studying was done, but a good time was had by all. Years later, the trio reunited under the Death's Edge Games banner to produce their first game. Other works followed for DEG, Black Cross, Guildhouse Games, and Spartacus Publishing.