Lil’ dice, Big dice, and a New Color…

Lil’ Dice
As I noted earlier Near Space is a game that was designed to use every dice you may have in a game of strategic and tactical conflict. However, we have encountered an issue with d1, d2, and d3s. The bonuses and penalties based on color are +/- 1-2. Events and Sector Advantages may bump this an additional +/- 2-3. This means that the risk-reward ratio of these small dice are incredibly skewed. You are nearly guaranteed a certain result in a fight and even if you lose a a ship a couple of points in the Graveyard is minimal.

As I go back into another revision d1s are being removed from the game. They are not dice; there is no random chance attached to them. Right now d3s are safe as I consider them a fairly traditional die. The d2 is on the chopping block with the axe being swung. We will continue to playtest this and may bring the Kickstarter backers on board during the campaign for a quick poll.

Big Dice
We were also discussing the fate of the Dreadnought. We have allowed d20s since players love the idea of fielding the Death Star but the modifiers (except for green ships) were mooted by the ship size. During a demo/play-test session at the International Table-Top Game Day a new participant tried the game for the first time. A devoted Magic player, he was just expermenting with different games. As soon as he wrapped his head around Near Space as a wargame he had a handle on playing. He quickly questioned why anyone would ever build anything larger than a Gunship. The powers of the Battleship and Destroyer and the ships interaction with the gamestate made him realize their utility. He just as quickly pointed that this logic does not hold for a Dreadnought and it should never be built. Its inability to move in response to an opponent, maintenance, and risk of a bad roll vs a smaller ship makes it a bad investment. I agreed with him and pointed out that people love fielding the Death Star even if it is not smart…

A New Color
Though I had some issues with Protospiel Milwaukee we did get one piece of great feedback about Pink dice. Up to now Pink has not been a recognized color in Near Space. It is hard to judge between Red and Pink, it is  ahue not a color, etc. The trouble is some dice are Pink. They are not Red/Mauve/Purple/etc; they are Pink. Like obscenity, I can’t define it but I know it when I see it.
To that end I introduce a new color for Near Space…
Survivor: Pink: Veterans of war and untold tribulations often band together where their indomitable will sees them to victory against impossible odds. Whenever the ship attacks or defends and rolls a one, it may roll again and add the resulting numbers together. Should this subsequent roll also be a one it is not rolled again.
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