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Near Space

Release Date: TBA

When you look to the stars do not see the gleaming jewels bespeckling the ebon sky with a blaze that seems to justify all of creation. Instead look upon the most fearsome field of battle that has ever existed. Bear witness to the multitude that have died so that their banner is the last one left flying in the cold vacuum of interstellar space. One of two things awaits those who would venture forth into the cosmos; an empire that stretches across the galaxy or a cold lonely death with nothing save the distant stars to mourn your passing.

In Near Space players take on the roles of stellar empires fighting for survival and supremacy amongst the blackness of space. The field of cards between the homeworlds of the opposing forces defines Nearspace and the resources that both players have to work with. As players explore their surroundings each card reveals new threats to overcome and new resources to capture. The war ships that the two opponents bring to battle are dice. Any polyhedral die works as a ship for Near Space. The number of facets on a die are the strength of it armaments and defenses. The more facets the more powerful the ship and consequently the more costly to field. Polyhedral dice come in a multitude of colors that are used to define the job of a ship and the design specifications involved. Four sided fighters race forward in the vanguard while d10 battleships bring their firepower to bear at a more ominous pace. Each fleet must explore uncharted space, control colony worlds, pacify unaligned forces, and prepare to battle the ever advancing enemy!

The spoils of conquered worlds fuel an empire's growth, but demand always outstrips supply. Are resources better spent constructing new ships or increasing the pool of engines that move the fleet? Can a prized world be held, or should it be terraformed before its riches fall into enemy hands? Is it time to activate an event that will tip the scales or should it be held for a more crucial battle? Only one empire can prevail and every decision leads closer to victory or defeat.

The siren's call of space never dies. The desire for new frontiers will never be quenched. All creatures will find their path and continue on their quest for the stars. In the end there is only one goal, victory!

Seize the Stars!